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Middle School (Years 7-9)

At Clare High School we strive to ensure the Middle School phase of schooling not only provides our young people with opportunities, but builds the qualities they need to maximize their learning performance. We achieve this through:

Our School Values


Our school values overarch everything we do in the Middle School. We celebrate student growth and achievement through the values in our classrooms and at whole and Middle School assemblies.

A Middle School Dedicated Space

Roll classes are in year level groupings and physically grouped together within the Middle School.

   •     Roll class teachers teach their roll class
   •     Year Level Coordinators teach a class in their allocated year level
   •     The Deputy Principal is located in, and teachers within, the Middle School

Middle School Safe Zones

Allocated oval and quadrangle spaces provide the choice and opportunity for our students to mix within their Middle School Cohort.

Pastoral Care Programs
Pastoral Care Programs are undertaken in Home Rooms, on Friday mornings, over the course of the year. The programs aim to provide a sense of security, stability and support as students adjust to new routines and greater academic demands.

Year 7 students participate in The Learning Curve

Year 8 students participate in the Resilience Project

Year 9 students participate in the Rite Journey Program


Camps are offered at all three year levels in the Middle School and provide an opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other and participate in aquatic, adventure and team building activities.

Quality Teaching and Learning:

We strive for excellence at Clare High School. Teachers know they are the most important factor in determining the effectiveness of our school. They work tirelessly to stay abreast of new knowledge and research in order to deliver high quality teaching and learning programs to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes. The Australian Curriculum is implemented in all learning areas. The TfEL (Teaching for Effective Learning) Framework guides the curriculum implementation and teachers assess student learning through Collaborative Moderation processes and report against the SEA (Standard of Educational Achievement).

The Clare High School Middle School nurtures and supports students in becoming actively engaged, happy and productive future citizens.

Middle School Students