BYOT Electronic Devices

Clare High School has been running a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program for a number of years.

It is a priority for us that our students are actively using technology to assist and advance their learning, and that they are able to continue to do this beyond the walls of the classroom.

To assist families in providing options on what device to purchase, we have established a relationship with Learning With Technologies (LWT) where they provide extended warranty and on-site repairs to devices purchased through their company. We have selected some suitable devices from a range of price points that are all suitable in our school environment. Navigate to the BYOT purchase portal, under the Online menu of our website, if you would like to view these devices or make a purchase.

We have refrained from restricting purchases to LWT only but please be aware that some devices for sale at other retailers do not have the required specifications to run in a school environment. To support decision making, we suggest the following as minimum hardware requirements:

8 hours battery life. Please note that, over time, performance will decline
4GB RAM Memory
128GB SSD Storage (SSD preferred over HDD)
Intel i3 processor, or equivalent (Each manufacturer uses different names)
Wireless a/b/g/n Dual Band Capable (2.4/5.0 Ghz)

Please note – whilst a low price (around $300 – $400) can be appealing, be aware that many devices at this price do not have sufficient power or storage to allow us to install or operate some required software. Such devices may only meet some of the minimum hardware requirements outlined above.

Our recommendation is to purchase a device that operates on the Windows platform rather than an Apple product. Our infrastructure is all configured based on Windows. Whilst we try to accommodate a range of devices, students with Windows devices tend to have a far smoother experience and we are much better equipped to rectify faults on them when compared to those who have an Apple device.

Further information can be found by reading our full BYOT Guidelines.

Please contact the IT Department if you would like more information.