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Governing Council

The Governing Council presents a perpetual Student Volunteer Award each year. The award was instigated in 2019 and aims to highlight the importance of volunteers in the life of our community and the difficulty in filling committees across the district, including sports, community and governing councils. 

Nominations for the 2022 Governing Council Student Volunteer Award are now open and can be submitted to the Principal’s assistant at any time prior to the COB, 25 November 2022 by using the Nomination Form.

The Clare High School Governing Council’s role is to provide a link between the school community and the school principal, staff and students to strengthen and support the functioning and performance of the school. It meets twice a term to achieve this.

Some of the key roles of the Governing Council include to:

    • Provide broad oversight of the school canteen.
    • Consult with the school community to assist with setting the strategic direction and vision for the school, and in the development and review of school policies.
    • Review, approve and monitor the school’s budget and setting the annual material and services charge.
    • Review and endorse the school’s annual report and other policy documents.

The 2022 Governing Council is:

    • Larn McMurray, Chairperson
    • Trish Byerlee, Secretary
    • Matt Schultz, Treasurer
    • Ingrid Smith, Vice Chair/Agriculture & Viticulture
    • Sarah Stoddart, Community Member
    • Lucy Stringer, Positive Behaviour for Learning
    • Carlee Daley, Grounds & Facilities
    • Mandy Drew
    • Kerry Williams, Principal
    • Jacob Hayes and Belinda Stringer, Staff
    • Amber Douglass and Alex Head, Student Representatives

  • Some of the current activities the Governing Council is undertaking:

    • Ongoing site improvements including the proposed student wellbeing centre development and digital school sign
    • Finalisation and implementation of the 5 year whole of school strategic plan
    • Improving the safety of Blyth Road School Crossing, school pathway access and student drop off zones
    • Positive Behaviour for Learning Review implementation process
    • Agriculture & Viticulture committee

The Governing Council welcomes input and feedback from the school community and encourages parents and caregivers to become involved with the council, its committees and activities.