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The wellbeing of our students is at the centre of everything that we do. Our aim is to foster and develop the skills to learn, grow and succeed in the 21st century.

Our Wellbeing Team is led by our Wellbeing Coordinator, and also includes a Student Wellbeing Support Teacher, Pastoral Care Worker and outreach Mental Health Care Worker. The depth of experience allows the team to respond to a multitude of needs, including:

    • Curriculum / pathways / study options
    • Specific learning needs and requirements
    • Organisation and study skills
    • Relationship concerns
    • Safety
    • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
    • Spiritual guidance

The Wellbeing Space is located in the Resource Centre, separated from the broader school community to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the students accessing wellbeing services.

We are committed to the integration of Positive Education throughout the school curriculum, providing opportunities for all students to develop skills in resilience, engagement and enhancing positive relationships.