Our History & Values

Picture of Student in Tech Studies

Clare High School was established in 1921 and has been developed on its new site since 1971.

It includes a Resource Centre, Music suite, Gymnasium, upgraded Laboratories and Technical Studies rooms, a dedicated Home Economics Centre, a new Visual Arts and Media hub, a Hall, an Agricultural Centre, and a “healthy schools” canteen facility.

In addition, the school has a Special Class and a Disability Unit which supports the learning needs of our students with disabilities.

Clare High School has a clearly defined performance and improvement agenda.

There is a focus on High Achievement, Wellbeing and Engaging with Families and Community.

We demonstrate a “strong embedded belief that every child can learn”. Our motto is “To Seek a Worthy Goal”, and our School Values underpin our school ethos:

Achievement – we strive for excellence
Education – we seek to learn
Involvement – we all contribute
Relationships – we value others
Respect – we act responsibly