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Junior Secondary

Year 7 & 8

Junior Secondary students undertake the full range of subject offerings through a set curriculum. English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Health and Physical Education are all studied for a full year, with Technologies, German, Arts and Agriculture (Year 8) completed for a Semester.

Students undertake STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) lessons as a combined Science and Mathematics curriculum across the week. These lessons occur in the $3.5 million building that was opened in 2020, with five purpose-built STEM classrooms. Our staff are committed to innovative pedagogies in this area and, as a school, we participate in the STEM Ambassadors Program, STEM 500, Girls in STEM and STEM Aboriginal Student Congress.

All Junior Secondary classes are completed in Roll Class groups.

All Junior Secondary students are invited to participate in the relevant year level camp during the year.

Our custom is for Year 7 students to attend an aquatics camp at Port Vicent in Term 1, and for Year 8 students to attend a City Experience camp, in Adelaide, in Term 2.

Both camps are designed to allow new students the opportunity to establish and build relationships with peers and Clare High School staff, as well as to develop their skills in a range of challenging, outdoor activities.

The 2023 Clare High School Curriculum Guide has further information about the curriculum and course offerings for all students.