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Reports & Policies

Main School Policies

The Annual Report provides information to our community on our progress, achievements, highlights and challenges of the last year. It also outlines future approaches and initiatives that will impact our students.

Download 2022 Annual Report

The School Improvement Plan outlines our goals for improvement over a three-year cycle. Its details include our plans for how to implement and monitor the impact of our planned actions. 

Download School Improvement Plan

The School Context Statement gives general information around enrolments, curriculum and school priorities. 

Download School Context Statement

Other School Policies/Information

The Bushfire Action Plan Policy (BAP) has been developed to ensure that the members of the school community are well
prepared in the event of a bushfire in the region

Download Bushfire Action Plan

The primary purpose for the CHS Facebook Social Media account is for the sharing of information from the school to the public stakeholders (parents, community, families). Information will include important updates, notices to parents, snapshots of ‘what is happening’ at school. This page is not to be a Q&A forum on school events or occurrences, and no editor will respond to any questions or comments made.

Download the CHS Facebook Page Policy


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Our education system aspires to become the best in Australia by seeking growth for every student, in every class and in every school.
The purpose of the External School Review (ESR) is to support schools to raise achievement, sustain high performance and to provide quality assurance to build and sustain public confidence in government schools.

Download External Review Policy

CHS recognises the social and wellbeing benefits of student involvement in a range if extra-curricular programs. Extracurricular activities are typically separate from academic courses. They do not attract academic credit, may take place outside of school or after regular school hours, and they may be administered by outside organisations

Download Extra-Curricular Participation Policy

Over exposure to the sun presents a serious health risk. Students must be educated as to the need for suitable sun protection, and protected from over exposure to the sun whilst at school

Download Sunsmart Policy 

Student Behaviour Policies

Clare High School aims to provide a diverse curriculum that will enable students to realise their full potential. Students are expected to seek to achieve their personal best and adhere to the Student Behaviour Management (SBM) Code.

Download Responsible Student Behaviour Code

Download Student Behaviour Management Procedure

Parent Complaint Policies

A grievance is understood to be a formal objection or complaint made on the basis of something believed to be wrong, unfair, offensive, misleading, unlawful or of poor quality.

Download Parent Complaint Policy Here

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong and you may feel that your expectations are not being met. If you have an unresolved issue or a complaint, please raise it. It is important to work together, talk, listen and find solutions so we can improve our services to the community.

Download Parent Complaint Procedure Policy 

ICT & Technology Policies

The widespread use of electronic devices is common amongst students and, as a school, we actively encourage the responsible use of computers by students through our Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program. The growing use of electronic devices requires that staff, students and parents understand and accept the responsibility of using these devices in a socially and educationally acceptable manner.

Download Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy

This policy provides direction to students, staff and families about managing personal mobile phones and other digital devices that students choose to bring to school.

Download Mobile Phone Policy

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