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Special Options

Special Options

Clare High School’s Special Options facility has a commitment to high quality and effective teaching and learning for all students. The facility caters for students with intellectual, physical and associated disabilities.

All students access the Australian Curriculum. Appropriate educational, instructional and environmental adjustments are made to support each student, with all students working towards achieving their Modified SACE in Year 12. These adjustments form part of each students One Child One Plan (OCOP), which parents also have a part in developing. Student achievement is reported against personal learning goals that are also developed as part of the OCOP meeting process.

Our dedicated facility is located within the grounds of the high school, giving our students access to their own learning and play space, and also enabling them to integrate within the whole school for morning Roll Class, recess and lunch. Students who wish to are also supported in joining mainstream classes as part of their learning program; popular choices include Physical Education, Art and Home Economics.

The 2023 Clare High School Curriculum Guide has further information about the curriculum and course offerings for all students.