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Clare High School offers a strong music program in addition to the required curriculum offering.

The Choir invites any interested students to become involved, and meets weekly during a lunchtime to prepare for upcoming events.

The Concert Band also meets weekly for rehearsals and play a range of music from Jazz, Latin and Contemporary.

Both the Choir and Concert Band perform at school events and events in the community. Additionally, interested students have the capacity to access lessons to hone their skills.

Instrumental Music Service
Students can access IMS lessons in trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute and vocals. Students are identified for the IMS program if they show musical aptitude in general Music classes at school. All students involved in IMS lessons must either:

  • Be completing Music as a subject offering at some point during the school year
  • Be a current member of the school band

All IMS lessons are in small groups that do not exceed six students, and Year 12 Solo Performance students qualify for weekly one-on-one sessions. IMS lessons are free of charge.

Private Lessons
We currently have access to four private providers for students to continue their lessons. These providers hold private lessons in a range of instruments, including piano, guitar (acoustic and bass), drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute and vocals.

Private lessons are scheduled weekly for half an hour. Lesson times rotate each week to minimise impact on the student’s timetabled classes. Additionally, some lessons are also scheduled during recess or lunch break times.

The cost for private lessons various per instructor, but all are less than $30 per session. Group lessons are available for negotiation if the cost of individual lessons is too much.

Hire of Instruments
If students do not have their own instruments, hire ones are available through Db Hire or the school bank of instruments.

  • Trumpet, trombone, clarinet and flute: $65 per term
  • Alto saxophone: $145 per term
  • Tenor saxophone: $160 per term
  • Guitar and keyboard: Arranged case by case